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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products
Cardboard envelope 14.25×9.75×-1.25" (100pcs)Cardboard envelope 14.25×9.75×-1.25" (100pcs)
Cardboard envelope 13.5x19.75x-2" (100pcs)Cardboard envelope 13.5x19.75x-2" (100pcs)
Cardboard envelope 8.5x11.75x-2" (100pcs)Cardboard envelope 8.5x11.75x-2" (100pcs)
Cardboard envelope 6x9.75x-2" (100pcs)Cardboard envelope 6x9.75x-2" (100pcs)
White Solid Board Envelope 8.25×10.5×-1.25" (100pcs)White Solid Board Envelope 8.25×10.5×-1.25" (100pcs)
White Solid Board Envelope 12.25×17.5×-1.25" (100pcs)White Solid Board Envelope 12.25×17.5×-1.25" (100pcs)
White Solid Board Envelope 11.25×14.5×-1.25" (100pcs)White Solid Board Envelope 11.25×14.5×-1.25" (100pcs)
White Solid Board Envelope 9.75×13.5×-1.25" (100pcs)White Solid Board Envelope 9.75×13.5×-1.25" (100pcs)
White Solid Board Envelope 6.25×7×-1.25" (100pcs)White Solid Board Envelope 6.25×7×-1.25" (100pcs)
Cardboard envelope 11.5x15.75x-2" (100pcs)Cardboard envelope 11.5x15.75x-2" (100pcs)
Cardboard envelope 7.25x10.75x-2" (100pcs)Cardboard envelope 7.25x10.75x-2" (100pcs)
Cardboard envelope 9.25x13.5x-1.5" (100pcs)Cardboard envelope 9.25x13.5x-1.5" (100pcs)
Cardboard envelope 20.75x28.25x-2" (20pcs)Cardboard envelope 20.75x28.25x-2" (20pcs)
Cardboard envelope 22.5x16.5x-2" (50pcs)Cardboard envelope 22.5x16.5x-2" (50pcs)
Cardboard envelope white 9.25x13.5x-1.5" (100pcs)Cardboard envelope white 9.25x13.5x-1.5" (100pcs)

Discovering the Benefits of Kraft Self-Sealing Cardboard and Solid Board Envelope Mailers

In an era where sending physical documents and products is still as relevant as digital communication, the importance of a dependable mailing solution cannot be overstated. Enter the world of Kraft Self-Sealing Cardboard and Solid Board Envelope Mailers, a perfect blend of functionality, aesthetics, and durability.

Composition and Design
At the core of these mailers is their sturdy construction. The kraft mailers made of corrugated paper boast reinforced edges, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of transit. On the other hand, the solid board mailers are presented in a pristine white finish, exuding professionalism. What makes both these envelopes stand out is their stay flat mailer design. Unlike other envelopes that might bend or fold, these mailers remain flat, ensuring the contents inside remain undistorted.

Features Tailored for Convenience and Security

Convenient pull-tab tear strip: This intuitive design feature ensures recipients can open their mail with ease, eliminating the struggle of tearing through tough cardboard.

Heavy board protects against crushing: Whether it’s a delicate document, photograph, or certificate, the heavy-duty board offers the resilience needed to prevent any form of crushing or bending.

Self-seal has peel-off adhesive strip: A feature that enhances both security and user-friendliness. With the peel-off adhesive strip, sealing the envelope becomes a hassle-free task, while also ensuring the contents remain secure.

Common Applications

Photographs: Given their stay-flat nature, these kraft envelopes are perfect for photographers looking to send prints to clients without the fear of them getting bent or creased.

Certificates & Diplomas: Educational institutions can benefit immensely from these flat mailers. They can confidently send out certificates and diplomas, knowing they'll reach students in mint condition.

Legal Documents: Law firms and corporate entities can rely on these mailers for sending crucial documents, contracts, or reports.

Art Prints: Artists and print shops can ship their masterpieces with the assurance of protection against potential damage.

In conclusion, when it comes to mailing solutions, the Kraft Self-Sealing Cardboard and Solid Board Envelope Mailers have carved a niche for themselves. With their blend of durability, design, and user-focused features, they offer an unparalleled mailing experience. Whether you’re a business or an individual, if you’re looking for reliability in the form of a kraft envelope or a stay flat mailer, look no further. Your search ends here.

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